Frequently Asked Questions

First thing to do is look for any signs of mom or a nest are they have been staying. Mom could be close buy and just out hunting for food. It may be best to just leave the kitten there for now.

In situations where there is no mom cat to be found or extreme weather coming you may want to attempt to capture the kitten. If you have the ability to care for the kitty, we recommend becoming a foster with 419okc and we will provide you with everything needed and help find this kitty a permenant home! More information here.

If you are unable to foster or care for the kitty then you should reach out to us on our website or on Facebook and see if we have a foster available to take the kitty.

We do not have any local facilities, we are entirely foster based.

Our adoption fee for kittens is $100. This includes their Spay/Neuter, age appropriate vaccines, and an FIV/FeLV test.

If a kitty has been in our care for over 12 months, their adoption fee is lowered to $75.

All adoption fees are subject to change at any time for any reason.

Once you have applied for any of our Adoptable Kitties our staff will review your application.We will let you know if you have been approved or denied - We may also reach out with further questions about your application.

If approved, we will reach out to you to setup a meet-and-greet with your desired kitty. Depending on your, and the forsters, availablility we will either bring the kitty to you, or have you come out to the fosters home and meet the kitty.

If everything goes well and you fall in love with the kitty, we can finalize the adoption then and there. If you need more time to decide, the kitten will come back with us and you can let us know as soon as you're ready.

There could be many reasons that the kitten you adopted from us does not end up being a good fit for your home. Do not worry, we have a "No Kitten Goes Homeless" policy that ensures the kitten will be able to find the right home even if they do not fit yours. You are able to surrender back any kitten you have adopted from us with no questions asked. There are no refunds for kittens surrendered back to us.